01 INGREDIENTS 200 gr. lentils 1 cup quinoa red tuna, in extra virgin olive oil, Alelma 1 fresh onion 1/2 bunch of parsley 1 tbsp

Stuffed potatoes with tuna

01 INGREDIENTS 5-6 potatoes chopped red pepper cream cheese 2 tbsp 100g grated yellow cheeses a jar of tuna in extra virgin olive oil 02

Noodles with tuna

01 INFREDIENTS 70g oil from tunas jar finely chopped onion pepper carrot sticks peas Asian canned vegetables broccoli florets a jar of tuna in sunflower

Pasta salad with tuna

01 INGREDIENTS 250g whole penne A jar of smoked tuna in extra virgin olive oil Chopped vegetable of your choice And for the sauce: Olive

Spicy tuna sandwich

01 INGREDIENTS 150g spicy white tuna in sunflower oil 2 soup spoons of mayonnaise 2 soup spoons of yogurt 3-4 pickles, chopped 2 tablespoons of

Savory cake with tuna

01 INGREDIENTS 100g cottage cheese 100g yogurt 2 eggs 1 small red pepper 1 small green pepper Lots of dill 150g grated yellow cheese 120g