Interview 2

  • What is the story behind the creation of your company? What’s the idea. its targeting and development stages?

The seafood workshop alelma Fine Delicatessen was created in 2007, in an effort to spread the tradition of our place passed down from generation to generation. Both myself and my husband (co-founders of the company), with experience in fish trading and tuna processing based on the traditional recipe, built a space well equipped to be able to offer the excellent quality and taste of tuna to lovers of good food .

  • Tell us about Alelma products. What do you produce, What is the production process?

In our workshop, we carefully evaluate the raw material and select the best pieces of albacore or bluefin tuna entirely by hand. Then, based on the traditional recipe, we process the tuna to create our excellent tuna products in water or oil.

  • Where can one find your products, how do you market them in the Greek market? Do you export or are you considering exporting?

Our products can be found in selected stores throughout Greece as well as in stores abroad.

  • What is the characteristic that makes Alonissos tuna so special and what is the characteristic that makes your products stand out?

ALELMA tuna is an ally of healthy eating. Tuna is a very good source of omega-3 fats. and proteins. Alelma tuna comes from the Mediterranean and the Aegean, seas known for the purity of their bottoms, which make our tuna excellent for nutrition or for enhancing health and preventing diseases such as coronary heart disease, as the high content of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels. Its contribution to the proper development of the body and the human immune system is also important.
But most importantly, what makes Alelma products special and suitable for everyone, people of all ages, small children, the elderly and most importantly women who are pregnant is that they have an absence of heavy metals. As a company we have a very strict evaluation of what concerns our supply of our raw material.

  • Which of your products is the most popular? What is the “best seller”?

Each of our products is unique and has been created to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. The most important thing is that all our products can be adapted to a multitude of recipes and can also be eaten as a delicate meze.

  • Where do you dream your creation will go in the future? How will you go forward and develop all the efforts that have been made so far?

Our dream is to preserve the traditional recipe and develop it into unique products that will make our company an authority of its kind and Alonissos as the preeminent place of origin of quality and nutritious tuna. The latest effort to expand our product range is tuna belly in extra virgin olive oil with rosemary…a very promising flavor. And of course the effort doesn’t stop…