Albacore Tuna Alalunga

The usual length of albacore is one meter and it weighs on average about 20 kg. It is a migratory species and in the months of June to September it passes from the Aegean Sea. Its meat is highly valued because it is rich in Ω3 fats and has an absence of heavy metals. The absence of heavy metals is due to the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. The tuna fishing season is throughout the year with the ban only being October and November because the species usually spawns from November to February and is spawning. The species has been caught in recent years only with longline fishhook, which is a method that is painless for the fish and with great ecological awareness.

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna is the largest species of tuna and one of the largest fish with a bony skeleton and a weight of up to 450 kg. Throughout history, bluefin tuna has been highly regarded as a food, particularly in Japan, where it is used as a word on the body. It is an endangered species so it has certain percentages of its population that you allow to be selected that are determined each year. The fishing of this particular species is stopped by law as soon as the permitted limits are reached, which are strictly controlled. It is one of the species where its meat is rich in Ω3 fats and has an absence of heavy metals.