Cannelloni with tuna



120g white tuna in extra virgin olive oil (one jar)

1 small grated carrot

1 red pepper and a fresh onion, chopped

50ml tomato juice

2 tbsp cream cheese


Garlic powder

10 no-boil cannelloni

For the sauce:

150ml tomato juice

2 tbsp yogurt

2 tbsp cream cheese

4 tbsp olive oil from the tuna

Garlic powder


150g grated yellow cheeses



1Crush the tuna and mix it with the carrot, pepper, onion, tomato juice, cream cheese, dill and garlic powder,
2Fill the cannelloni and put them in a pan, mix the sauce ingredients, pour over the cannelloni and pour a little water to cover the cannelloni up to the middle.
3Pour yellow cheese on top, cover with aluminum foil and bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180C. I remove the aluminum foil and bake the other 10 minutes until golden brown.
This recipe made by Blonde.cook, Find the recipe here.