Blue fin tuna smoked Alonissos in extra virgin oil 120gr

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Nutritional Value / 100gr

Kcal- 224
KJ- 935
Fat- 12.5
Of which fat: 4.2
Carbohydrates- 0
Sugar- 0
Protein- 27.8
Salt- 0.95

The box includes 12 pieces.

The blue fin smoked tuna in extra virgin olive oil 120gr,

known as Blue Fin Tuna, is one of the largest fish found throughout the Mediterranean. It is an exquisite gourmet choice that adapts to any cuisine and countless recipes.

Alelma selects and cooks the best red tones with experience and special knowledge. You will find the tender tuna fillet of Alonissos Alelma in packages of 212g and 314g. Try all the fine Alelma products that win the highest gastronomic requirements.

Enjoy it in its smoky taste with natural tobacco that can give a touch to your recipes.

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