White spicy tuna Alalunga Alonissos in sunflower oil 200gr

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Nutritional Value / 100gr

Kcal- 242
KJ- 1011
Fat- 13.5
Of which fat: 6.2
Carbohydrates- 0
Sugar- 0
Protein- 30.1
Salt- 0.99

The box includes 12 pieces.

White spicy tuna Alonissos Alalunga in sunflower oil 200gr,
The white long-winged tuna Alalunga, is known as Alonissos tuna. It is one of the smallest species of tuna and its meat is considered delicious and very healthy.
From the sea in the jar the white tone alelma is considered one of the finest products that can be found. It is world famous for its taste and is used by various chefs in many recipes. It can enhance the taste of any salad and food while even on its own it can become a unique meze.
For strong palates we offer the spicy tuna in sunflower oil for awesome appetizers and strong recipes.
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